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Community Managers In Mexico Have A Big Job — But Earn Low Pay  

They are expected to manage brands online, though employers often fail to recognize their value.

Community managers have existed for a long time, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation it has wrought, social media has played a significant role in global communications, according to René Vázquez.

In the digital era, that makes community managers especially important. They are responsible for designing the communication strategies across different social media: managing posts, comments and messages for their clients.

“The pandemic has helped us, as it made people understand the importance of our work,” said Vázquez, the community manager for a clothing line in Mexico. “People are starting to see how valuable we are. Before the pandemic, they acted as if we were just a drain of resources, but now, they respect us.”

They also have to stay close to the community they monitor. Community managers are in charge of creating, scheduling, publishing content, analyzing trends and preparing reports.

Community managers’ role gained greater importance as the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to start or upgrade its digital presence. (Bruce Mars/Unsplash)

“If someone wants to work as a community manager, they must learn how to multitask. A bit of graphic design is always useful, even if it is not their usual field, as the trade demands they learn. They will also have to learn to act as a moderator, communicator and analyst. It is a bit of everything, and sometimes it is underpaid,” said Vázquez, who holds a B.A. degree in marketing and advertising.

Studies indicate the monthly net salary of a community manager in Mexico is between 15,000 pesos ($744) and 25,000 pesos ($1,241). However, because employers tend to downplay the position, the salary oscillates between 3,000 and 6,000 pesos a month.

“I used to work for a political campaign, where they wanted to pay me as little as possible, despite me explaining the massive amount of work I have to do. Yet, the worst came when I began working in a local company that paid me 4,000 pesos and asked me to do the impossible. Practically, all the company’s hopes were upon my shoulders,” said Vázquez.

The community manager is responsible for building the online community and managing the online presence of a brand, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with customers. Each month, more companies, big or small, are depending on the work community managers do.

Social-media management is one of the many functions community managers perform. (Dole 777/Unsplash)

“Community managers are gaining ground. In 2020, this was one of the professions that benefited most,” said Federico Estrada, advertising and public relations professor at the Mexican University. “The world made the jump to ecommerce, and they carved out a useful niche in the modern world. ”

(Translated and edited by Mario Vázquez; edited by Fern Siegel)

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