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Hobbies Can Secure Sanity And Profitability During The Pandemic

In a crisis, leisure activities suddenly become key coping mechanisms. 

In difficult times, it can be helpful psychologically to focus on positive aspects of life. For many, this idea has helped them survive the pandemic.

One option is to pursue a hobby or recreational activity. In the past, it may just have been a way to spend leisure moments. Now, it can help quell the anxiety produced by COVID-19.

Some people now use their time, if they have more of it, to start doing something they always wanted to do.

Diana López, originally from Veracruz and a student at the Universidad Veracruzana, decided to adopt a pet, due to sheltering in place.

“Without a doubt, the pandemic led me to acquire a pet,” said the student. “I chose a rabbit because I have always found them cute. Before the pandemic, I would not have done it, but taking care of it soon became my new hobby.”

López has experienced hours of entertainment and newfound responsibilities that have kept her active.

“I realized that, no matter how much I wanted to keep doing my regular life, the pandemic made all my usual hobbies more dangerous. One way to entertain myself and make my days more productive was getting a pet. And that is how Modoki, my rabbit, became part of my life.”

Many people have turned to their hobbies, such as art, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are even earning an income from these activities. (Aisvri / Unsplash)

Other hobbies generate an income, such as painting, for Marylú Álvarez, a 20-year-old student of the Universidad Veracruzana.

She decided to start streaming with her newfound time, which consisted of transmitting live videos, showing what she knows how to do.

“I study art education. I could not assist in my more practical classes, so I had to find a way to do all the class exercises at home,” she said. “I started making videos where I painted. Soon, people began to contact me for advice, personalized classes, and even to acquire my works.”

Her hobby became an activity that generated extra income. “It may not be enough to make a living, but it is something that helps me with my expenses,” said Álvarez.

Kim Liao, a photographer who practiced dance during his spare time, had a similar experience. As his job slowed, he reconnected with his hobby, and it became his main source of income.

“The pandemic changed my life a bit, and now I teach K-pop dance routines to two girls interested in the videos I share through social media,” said Kim Liao, who, besides his photography, directs the dance group Axiatic.

Liao found in K-pop dancing the best of hobbies, as well as a source of income. (Christian Valera Rebolledo / Café Words)

Liao has found in his hobby a source of great strength and is grateful for taking it up.

“Dancing has always been my passion. It has become a great help during these long months — almost a year — of the pandemic. Without a doubt, it is the best hobby I could have chosen. “

According to Google’s 2020 official data, users’ searches for tutorials related to gardening, cooking, baking, dancing, music and DIY have skyrocketed.

(Translated and edited by Mario Vázquez. Edited by Fern Siegel)

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