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VIDEO: Freeze: It’s The Cops 

Officers join on with the locals to have fun on the sledding slopes. 

TEXAS, USA — Corinth Police Department officers were seen having a gala moment with the locals while sledding down a snowy hill in inflatables on Feb 17. Amidst their busy schedule, the cops took a break just to return to work within some time.

The video was filmed in the city of Corinth in Denton County in the US state of Texas. The clip shows captain Gregg and officer Sims from the police department sitting on the inflatable. From the top of the hill, the officers start sledding down towards the bottom as the residents help them.

“I got you Sims, I got you Sims,” said Officer Gregg of Corinth Police Department to his fellow, as he grabbed his hand. “When you have each other’s back on tactical tubes.”

Another video showed that the cops stand in a row and prepare themselves for a sled run. On the “go” signal, all the cops started racing on the sled, in an attempt to win. Though it was within a community, the residents and the locals received immense entertainment from the enjoyment.

The video showed that captain Gregg had cheated.  The people should strip off his medal, said Mariana Giumancu Riley, one of the Facebook users. She also mentioned that the residents love them all and thanked them for their dedication to their community.

“This was so fun! My daughters thought it was so cool you’ll be out enjoying the snow with us! Thank you for all you do!” said Jordan Langley Hill, another Facebook user.

Sledding races have become popular in recent times. The cops think it is a nice way to engage with the community people. Lately, the Spring Hill Police Department also shared a similar video on Feb. 16.

Sledding is a winter sport typically carried out in a prone or seated position on a vehicle usually known as a sled or sledge. The practical use of sleds has an ancient history. They were developed in areas with snow-covered areas, as these vehicles aided in the transport of materials or people far more efficiently than those of wheeled-vehicles. Each design either includes hand pull ropes or is driven by large dogs such as Alaskan huskies, horses, and ox.

The modern sleds are light and flexible weighing 20 to 30 pounds (9 to 13.5 kilograms). Most sleds are made of ash-lashed together along with leather or nylon. Though recently, a trend is developing towards the use of composite materials. Sleds are of two types, namely, a toboggan style or a stanchion-supported basket style.

Often sleds are run by dogs for transportation and working purposes in the Arctic and its suburban areas. Though the sled cars have been replaced by airplanes and snowmobiles, they still hold a great position when it comes to recreational or racing purposes.

(Edited by Bornika Das and Vaibhav Vishwanath Pawar.)

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