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VIDEO: British Farmer Fined $1, 370 For Breaking Covid-19 Rules Over Serving Alcohol

Police claim that all social distancing norms defaulted during the process.

FEBRUARY 10, 2021 — A farm owner was fined $1,370 for breaching Covid-19 regulations and serving booze to customers who were caught on video not following the social distancing or wearing masks.

The incident took place at a village farm of Mudgley in Somerset county, England on Jan. 30.

Upon arrival at the location, Somerset cops encountered a number of customers being served cider by one of the employees.

The police in a statement said that the guests were not wearing protective masks or practicing social distancing which led to the fine.

Trying to bury his wrongdoings under the hatchet, the business owner told the officers that he was serving his customers samples of cider, which goes against strict Covid-19 restrictions currently in place.

Consequently, this led to an on-spot investigation and the unnamed owner was issued a fine of $1, 370.80.

“The Covid-19 regulations are clear that alcohol cannot be served to customers for on-site consumption at this current time. Several people could be seen sitting at tables with a glass of cider in a clear breach of the law,” said Sergeant Matthew Shaqer.

“It was shocking to walk into the premises and find so many people there. Any one of them could have had the virus but been asymptomatic and spread the virus to a number of other households.

“We will continue to engage with the public, explain the rules and encourage them to comply, but with deliberate flagrant breaches of the legislation people can expect to be fined.”

A data said that the Covid-19 cases in the region are on a decline and hence the Somerset City Council is keeping a check on the rise in cases. This has led to the imposing of strict guidelines in the council to keep a check on the rise of the cases.

The city has recently opened two pharmacies that would provide vaccinations to the people. The council members have themselves joined hands with the health workers in the city to help increase access to vaccination across the town.

The local government has set up a portal for the citizens to keep track of the updates of Covid-19 in the city and share their latest policies on the virus and restrictions. The city has started vaccinating residents over the age of 70 and is rolling out information to get the old age people vaccinated as soon as possible.

The United Kingdom is doing fairly well in dealing with the Covid-19 cases but the numbers are still high. The country registered 12,364 cases of the virus as of Feb 9 and the same is expected to be on the same lines for some time as per data.

(Edited by Praveen Pramod Tewari and Vaibhav Vishwanath Pawar.)

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