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VIDEO: Surgeon Broke His Arm While Arm Wrestling With Another Doc 

Friendly bout ends in agony when bone-specialist shatters his left arm.

HENAN, China — A bizarre video of an orthopedic surgeon breaking his arm during an arm-wrestling match with another doctor has been recorded.

The incident occurred on Jan 22 in Zhumadian city, in the central Chinese province of Henan.

The video of two doctors competing in a friendly arm-wrestling match, which ended on a bad note as one of the doctors accidentally broke his colleague’s arm.

“Fortunately, the problem is not very serious, and now I can go to work normally, but I need to rest for a while,” the injured doctor said.

The two doctors, who were not named, said they decided to have some fun in their free time at the hospital with an arm-wrestling duel to see who is stronger.

The injured surgeon, who is usually concerned with treating other people’s broken bones, had to become his own patient and had to prescribe medicine for himself.

Fractures are classified as open (if the skin is damaged) or closed (if the skin is intact). An open fracture may require an orthopedic surgeon. Depending upon circumstances, the type of fracture, the amount of contamination to the skin and wound, and the person’s condition, this procedure may take place in the operating room.

In a second video, he is seen with his broken left arm in a cast while writing his own medical prescription.

Right after the accident, the injured surgeon complained of muscle pain and after further examination saw a slight fracture of the cortical bone and a soft tissue injury.

The surgeon warned everyone to be careful when arm wrestling otherwise the bones will suddenly be put under too much pressure and there is a possibility of fractures.

“Arm wrestling is risky. Don’t try it lightly,” the doctor said.

Fortunately, the surgeon only suffered a simple fracture from the accident which hasn’t affected his ability to work.

China has one of the most impressive medical facilities in the world. As per a study conducted in 2019, the number of hospitals in Beijing was approximately 664, which was a decrease of around 16 from 648 in the previous year. Shandong has the highest number of hospitals in China with 2,615 while Henan has 1,974 hospitals. Henan also ranks fourth in the overall hospitals in China.

As compared to the number of licensed doctors in China till 2019, the number of licensed doctors in Qinghai province in China amounted to approximately 14,692. Shandong tops the list with 259,781 registered medical professionals while Henan stands fourth on the list with 191,795 registered docs.

(Edited by Vaibhav Vishwanath Pawar and Shirish Vishnu Shinde.)

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