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VIDEO: Millionaire Mom Gives 12-Year-Old a Rolls-Royce for Birthday

Dubai Instagram star drives luxe expectations for preteen.  

Caption: A mom bought her son a Rolls Royce for his 12th birthday. (@gulnarbaravia/Newsflash)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A wealthy influencer gave her 12-year-old a gift for his birthday — but he has to wait six years to use it.

That’s because it’s a new Rolls-Royce — and he can’t drive it until he turns 18.


Gulnora Mukhedinova, 34, a fashion designer and Instagram star with 835,000 followers, decided to up the stakes for her son’s birthday.  The mother of three bought a luxury car instead of a remote-controlled toy one.

Rannum Mukhedinova was treated to a new black Wraith, worth $337,000. The car was filled with balloons, bows and bouquets at the family mansion in Dubai.

In one photograph, Mukhedinova is seen giving her son a birthday kiss, in addition to the car.

Rannum after seeing his birthday gift. (Photo by Newsflash)

Some on social media called it “a stupid gift for a child,” but this did not seem to trouble the founder of Baravia Fashion and beauty salon. She announced the gift in a video on the “Rich Kids of Instagram” account.

The entrepreneur is also the organizer of several fashion shows, such as Arab Fashion Week, where she exhibits her collections.

In a recent interview, the influencer was asked what quote she tries to live by. “If you can dream it, you can do it,” she replied.

(Edited by Fern Siegel and Judith Isacoff)

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