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Tommy Chong Looks To Expand Cannabis Brand To Europe, Hints At Another Cheech & Chong Project

‘Born In East L.A. Too’ could reunite the famous duo of Cheech & Chong.

Perhaps no one has made more of a living from marijuana than Tommy Chong. His advocacy and diligent efforts to legalize and promote the plant are thoroughly documented. 

Tommy Chong’s Cannabis brand is growing by leaps and bounds, and current times offer a more open platform for the use and sale of marijuana with fewer restrictions than before. 

It allows Chong to prosper in a field that he knows incredibly well. His “Up in Smoke” film co-starring Cheech Marin debuted more than 40 years ago when marijuana use and discussion were somewhat frowned upon by many. 

Now with several states onboard for the legalization of the sweet leaf, Chong feels his years of use and promotion of the plant weren’t in vain.

During my recent conversation with the film icon, he explains why it’s essential for his brand to hit the European market and talks about a potential Cheech & Chong reunion in making a sequel to the 1987 comedy, “Born in East L.A.”

(Edited by Daniel Kucin Jr. and Stan Chrapowicki)

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