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Two Incredible: Twin Is Born Inside His Amniotic Sac

The event is rare, but mother and sons are doing well.

CRICIUMA, Brazil—A mother has given birth to twins, one of whom was born inside the amniotic sac.

Twins Brayan and Emanuel were born in a hospital in the southern Brazilian city of Criciuma on Nov. 5.

Often in twin births, a Cesarean section is performed and the amniotic sac is broken.

The amniotic sac where one of the babies were born in. (ASSESSORIA DE IMPRENSA DO IDEAS/Newsflash)

However, mother Keila Barbon Henrique delivered vaginally with Emanuel still inside the liquid-filled amniotic sac at birth. It’s a rare event that occurs in just one in 80,000 births.

Brayan was born weighing 5.6 lbs and measuring 17.3 inches.

Emanuel, the younger twin by nine minutes, was removed from the transparent membranes by the medical team. He was born weighing 5.1 lbs and measuring 17.5 inches.

Nurses holding the twins, of whom one of them was born in amniotic sac. (ASSESSORIA DE IMPRENSA DO IDEAS/Newsflash)

Despite being uncommon, such births are not dangerous. The mother and twins are doing well, according to doctors at the hospital.

Keila and the baby’s father, Gilmar Concatto da Silva, live in the neighboring municipality of Forquilhinha.

(Edited by Fern Siegel and Carlin Becker)

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